... taste really fucking good! too! ;o) White NEGR or Extra White in really really madness!
<<< Meanwhile everything is good, my darling, times in mad-house was not be forgetten in everything bad of our society. People is bad or good, but what is it cool for psychiatrists is good for U.S. (must to be!!! ;o) ), so when we're hanging family between everything this, is really dificult to live in our lifes! More and more dificult...
... but prisons will be closen soon (I think that in AD2322 ;o) ) because we will be in self-defence training till child's age. Only mad-houses will be standing on their law basics. "You want to steel - take a pill - you cleptomaniac!!!" saying home-boy psychiatrist from future (from Bright Side Of Kan-Li).
What's about this?!!! Take care - not Obama-Care but Your-Own-Care. Self-defence from school can save us (U.S. (Europa+NorthAmerica))!!!
-This site was given by imperial disposition for clear life in law.-
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