Status Quo reached!

Is status of Quo in Quo Vadis in short (law)! Please judge in it, live in it, and I will be sleep with you! ;o) Rachel Valas (SaTaN)

Changing of World is difficulty of posibility of rights to stop. Stop you, burgeousists. Murders of Marie Antoanett in France and owning they rights. ...and trying to gover with theese dead rights in New Law. From my view, antichrist, SaTaN, are Crists you, and by this way won I, may win I and will win I. Me is Wingency of You. Yang people. Please defeat casles of Europe for Maria... Now...
-This site was given by imperial disposition for clear life in law.-
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AD2018 - 20'23 I have you (in the long run)! production. --- Desktop picture.

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